Amplify Leadership Skills 

This series of workshops helps you amplify your skills to inspire and influence others.

Pulling from work and study in leadership development, organizational culture, neuroscience and (believe it or not) producing theatre, we’ve created a series of ready-to-share, impactful and, dare we say, entertaining workshops to share ideas and tools for optimal influence.

Each workshop is offered both as a self-paced, online format and as a monthly (mostly) live lunch-and-learn style interactive webinar.


Workshop Topics:


Five Ways to Influence Team Culture and Performance 

Free Test Drive Available Through September 30, 2022

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Feedback For Humans

The art and science of delivering feedback that works.


Coming soon!


Wire your brain for optimal decision making.


Previews September 7, 2022 


Epic Listening

Four skills to improve any conversation.



Coming Soon!



Tools for navigating the Intent/Impact Gap.



Coming soon!


Three ways humans are hardwired to thrive in groups. (And how you can turn those into leadership superpowers)

Coming soon!


Use storytelling to inspires and influence others.



Coming soon!

Each Workshop Includes:


  • Some light pre-work - reading or reflection to prepare you for the lesson
  • A 90-minute learning session.  You have the option of experiencing it one of two ways:
    • Live (virtual) with other participants and a facilitator
    • Recorded version of the most recent live workshop
  • A downloadable workbook and reference guide
  • Regular "office hours" for collaborative work-sessions, questions and discussion, and peer coaching

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