Leadership Coaching

Tools and Skills to Expand Influence and Lead From Wherever You Are

This leadership development program is a blend of Results Coaching (we’ll identify and build on your real-world challenges and goals), a bit of the neuroscience behind human interaction, and leadership development tools to practice with almost any interaction.

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What you leave with:

  • A results-driven plan to move the needle on your leadership development goals
  • Defined strengths and ways to maximize them 
  • An assessment of how you demonstrate emotional intelligence, and tools to help you expand EI competencies
  • Training in four Essential Leadership Skills:
    • Epic Listening
    • Storytelling to Inspire Action
    • Feedback for Humans
    • Expansive Decision-making
  • A plan for turning what you learn into new habits

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The coaching process starts with a conversation.  Schedule a 30, minute (free!) Spark Session to talk a little about you, what you want from coaching, and see if we are a good fit for this work.

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Who's this for?

  • People actively trying to navigate “what’s next” in this unprecedented time of disruption

  • Newly designated team leaders or people who want to expand their leadership skills

  • Anyone looking for a little structure to a goal or change they already know they want to make

  • Passionate life-long learners who enjoy exploring new ways to continue to grow and improve

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Expected outcomes:

  • More effective leader in any situation
  • Competitive advantage in your team, organization, industry, communityImproved self-confidence
  • Build trust with othersIncreased emotional intelligence
  • More resilience and energy when you need it most
  • Optimal decision making skills
  • Greater influence in all directions - "up, down and sideways"
  • More productive and enjoyable conversations
  • Enhanced credibility with peers

Let's talk!

The coaching process starts with a conversation.  Schedule a 30, minute (free!) Spark Session to talk a little about you, what you want from coaching and see if we are a fit for this work

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How It Works:

The program is a mix of live, virtual or in-person workshops, self-paced learning between sessions, practice assignments to apply the skills to your current relationships (at work and at home), and the creation of a plan to turn your new skills into habits. 

Your leadership skills coaching program and schedule are unique to you and will be created during the first of four modules, including:

Module 1: Discovery & Goal Setting

To start, we’ll name and define your values. Then, you’ll clarify your specific goals for the program, and we’ll co-create an action plan that includes learning, practice, and reflection.

2 x 90-minute sessions

Module 2: Essential Leadership Skills

Together we’ll explore (and identify specific places to try) three of the foundational skills of leadership: Epic Listening/Powerful Questions, Mastering Feedback, Expansive Decisions Making

1 x 90 minute session, plus self-directed learning

Module 3: Traction Sessions

This is where the real work of change happens! By now, you will have designed a specific course made up of a mix of workshops, discovery projects, and specific stages and action plans to take steps toward your goal.

3-5* x 60 minutes sessions.

*depending on your needs and the package you select.

Module 4: Accountability

Turn insights and actions into habits. This module includes a final assessment of your goal pursuit, a plan to sustain and expand what you’ve accomplished, identifying potential roadblocks, and a celebration of what you’ve learned. 

1 x 90-minute session, plus 1 x 90-minute "booster session" 

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