There are numerous benefits to Leadership Coaching. 


Here are our top 3.

The most recent World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report places Leadership and Social Influence in the top 10 skills people will most need to be competitive in the post-pandemic world that's emerging.  By committing to learn, expand and amplify your leadership skills - in the workplace and beyond - you can influence and inspire the people around you in big and small ways. 

These are the main benefits you'll gain from this program:

Inspire Confidence

You maximize your strengths and demonstrate expansive thinking.

Build Trust

You behave in ways that strengthen your relationships and influence with others.

Competitive Advantage

Your demonstrated ability to influence and inspire makes any team you are on stronger - regardless of your official role.

Two Ways To Start:

Spark Session

Schedule a free, 30-minutes session.  You'll leave with a clearer idea about how to start on this learning adventure.

There is no charge and no obligation to sign up for the full program.




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Spark insight! Amplify your leadership skills!

Let's jumpstart your leadership development goals with a Spark Session.  It's a free, 30-minute conversation to find out more about each other, hear about your goals, and talk about how coaching might help amplify your leadership skills.

Hopefully we'll leave the conversation with an outline for your coached leadership development plan.  If nothing else, you'll leave with one or two action steps to upskill your leadership practice right now!

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    What's a Spark Session?

The Spark Session is a 30-minute virtual conversation.  It's is designed as a chance for us to meet and see if we are a good fit doing this kind of work together.  We'll also explore:

  • What you want to get out of leadership development coaching
  • Some ideas about possible goals
  • Insight into how you learn and make changes in your life
  • A couple of easy-to-practice action steps you can use immediately

You'll leave the conversation with a clearer idea about how to start on this learning adventure.

There is no charge for the Spark Session and no obligation to sign up for the full program. 

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Our take on leadership coaching

This leadership development program is a blend of Results Coaching (we’ll identify and build on your real-world challenges and goals), a bit of the neuroscience behind human interaction, and leadership development tools to practice with almost any interaction.

What you can expect:

  • A results-driven plan to move the needle on up to three leadership development goals
  • Clear language and methods for maximizing your values, attributes and skills
  • An assessment of how you demonstrate emotional intelligence, and tools to help you expand EI competencies
  • Training in the four Core People Skills:
    • Epic Listening
    • Storytelling to Inspire Action
    • Feedback for Humans
    • Expansive Decision-making
  • A plan for incorporating these ideas, tools and behaviors to specific situations in your life
  • Ways to demonstrate how these influence skills increase your value to any team, group, organization, or community you are a part of.
Schedule a Spark Session Now

Reviews from clients:


"I always feel much more prepared and confident after our discussions."

Manny, Founder & CEO


"With each project, I benefit professionally and learn from his mentorship and guidance. If you are looking to transform your leadership practices, then John is the one to work with!"

Traci, HR  Leader


"Not only was John effective, he was lots of fun to work with, so we looked forward to our meetings with him, as he guided us through our project."

Karla, Board Member