Lead From Wherever You Are

Brain-based skills for optimal influence – whether or not you’re the boss.

Lead From Wherever You Are is the place for anyone who wants to expand their influence in the many roles they play at work, at home, in the community. 

Think of this as part sandbox, part classroom, part forum. It’s a place to bring together people to learn and practice brain-based skills to help navigate change, influence team culture, and lead no matter where you are in the org. chart.

Leadership Coaching

From Point A to Point B on your leadership development goals in the shortest, most effective, and long-lasting way.


Expand the essential, brain-based and improvable skills to influence and inspire the people in your world.

The Podcast

Geek out with me as I talk with people who lead from wherever they are.

Leadership Coaching

From “Point A to Point B” on a leadership development goal in the shortest, most effective, and long-lasting way.  We help you improve thinking and develop new habits to support your goals using a brain-based coaching methodology.

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Amplify your leadership skills

Commonly they’re called leadership skills, management skills, or - yuk! - soft skills.

Whatever you call them, the Amplify Leadership Skills series of workshops help you hone the essential, brain-based and improvable skills that allow you to communicate effectively, make good decisions, and interact with people in a way they respond to so you can lead, coach, influence or just engage with the people in your world.

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The Podcast

Coming soon!  Join me as I geek out with some of my favorite people to talk about the many ways humans interact.  Hear thought leaders in leadership development, neuroscience, anthropology, and positive psychology talk about how all these things help people influence the groups they are part of.

The Philosophy

Even in the most challenging cultures, anyone can influence how things get done.

The Framework

This is not rocket science. But it is a mix of understanding your brain, expanding your decision-making skills, playing to your audiences, and being accountable to yourself and others.

The People

Right now, it's just John.  But I'm always looking for like-minded brain-geeks to team up for projects or brainstorming.

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